Sep 13, 2022

Let’s Grow Kids Action Network Announces First-Ever Slate of Endorsed Child Care Candidates in Vermont

Today, Let’s Grow Kids Action Network announced its first-ever slate of endorsed child care candidates for the general election in Vermont. The 131 candidates endorsed today have demonstrated they are committed to putting Vermont’s economy on a sustainable path by taking action to transform Vermont’s child care system in 2023. Let’s Grow Kids Action Network is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization focused on passing laws that fund and sustain a high-quality, affordable child care system.

Topping Let’s Grow Kids Action Network’s list of endorsed candidates are Congressman Peter Welch, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, Becca Balint, the Democratic nominee for U.S. House of Representatives and Governor Phil Scott, the Republican nominee for Governor. Today’s slate of endorsements includes other statewide offices, as well as 123 candidates running to serve in the Vermont House and Senate, representing all major parties – Democrats, Progressives and Republicans, as well as independents (see full list of candidates by office/county/district below).

“Today marks an extraordinary moment not only in Vermont’s Child Care Campaign, but in the history of our state. For the first time, Vermonters have a coalition of endorsed child care candidates who are committed to transforming our state’s broken child care system,” said Aly Richards, President, Let’s Grow Kids Action Network board of directors. “This powerful slate demonstrates that candidates in every corner of Vermont understand that child care is essential and are ready to work together to build a system that meets the needs of all children, families, early childhood educators, and employers, while supporting a stable workforce and a resilient economy.”

During the 2022 endorsement process, Let’s Grow Kids Action Network invited all Vermont candidates for federal, statewide, and legislative offices the opportunity to complete a brief questionnaire, reviewed incumbent voting records, and, in some cases, conducted individual interviews with Let’s Grow Kids Action Network staff to assess their views and priorities related to child care. The endorsed candidates below have demonstrated that they are committed to taking action to transform Vermont’s child care system to ensure:

  • High-quality child care is equitably accessible to all families when and where they need it;
  • No family spends more than 10% of their income on child care; and
  • Early childhood educators are fairly compensated and supported.

In the lead up to the election on Tuesday, November 8, child care advocates, supporters, and volunteers – all part of the coalition of more than 35,000 Vermonters looking for child care change across the state – will be elevating child care as a top priority for Vermonters and supporting these endorsed candidates. “Between now and Election Day, it’s critical that we all work together to support these child care candidates who understand what’s at stake and, once elected, are ready to prioritize Vermont’s youngest children, their families, and our economic future,” said Richards.

As a further indication of the child care coalition's strength and resolve, Let's Grow Kids Action Network notes that numerous community members have generously contributed to the formation of the Vote Child Care Fund, a political action committee registered with the Vermont Secretary of State that will enable focused support to the campaigns of endorsed child care candidates.

Below is Let’s Grow Kids Action Network’s full list of endorsed candidates. Please also find the full list of candidates here:

Peter Welch, U.S. Senate

Becca Balint, U.S. House of Representatives

Statewide Offices
Phil Scott, Governor

David Zuckerman, Lieutenant Governor

Sarah Copeland-Hanzas, Secretary of State

Charity Clark, Attorney General

Mike Pieciak, State Treasurer

Doug Hoffer, State Auditor

Vermont Senate
Christopher Bray, Addison District

Ruth Hardy, Addison District

Brian Campion, Bennington District

Dick Sears, Bennington District

Jane Kitchel, Caledonia District

Phil Baruth, Chittenden Central

Martine Larocque Gulick, Chittenden Central

Tanya Vyhovsky, Chittenden Central

Thomas Chittenden, Chittenden Southeast

Kesha Ram Hinsdale, Chittenden Southeast

Virginia "Ginny" Lyons, Chittenden Southeast

Robert A. Starr, Essex-Orleans District

Pam McCarthy, Franklin District

Jessie Nakuma Palczewski, Franklin District

Richard "Dick" Mazza, Grand Isle District

Richard A. Westman, Lamoille District

Joshua Ferguson, Rutland District

Bridgette Remington, Rutland District

Anna Tadio, Rutland District

Ann Cummings, Washington District

Andrew Perchlik, Washington District

Anne Watson, Washington District

Wendy Harrison, Windham District

Nader Hashim, Windham District

Alison H. Clarkson, Windsor District

Richard "Dick" McCormack, Windsor District

Rebecca White, Windsor District

Vermont House
Robin Scheu, Addison-1

Amy Sheldon, Addison-1

Diane Lanpher, Addison-3

Matt Birong, Addison-3

Caleb Elder, Addison-4

Mari Cordes, Addison-4

Jubilee McGill, Addison-5

Dane Whitman, Bennington-2

David Durfee, Bennington-3

Kathleen James, Bennington-4

Seth Bongartz, Bennington-4

Michael Nigro, Bennington-5

Mike Rice, Bennington-Rutland

Chip Troiano, Caledonia-2

Scott Campbell, Caledonia-Essex

Scott Beck, Caledonia-Essex

Jana Brown, Chittenden-1

Angela Arsenault, Chittenden-2

Erin Brady, Chittenden-2

Trevor Squirrell, Chittenden-3

Edye Graning, Chittenden-3

Phil Pouech, Chittenden-4

Jessica Brumsted, Chittenden-7

Noah Hyman, Chittenden-8

Emilie Krasnow, Chittenden-9

Martin Lalonde, Chittenden-12

Tiff Bluemle, Chittenden-13

Gabrielle Stebbins, Chittenden-13

Barbara Rachelson, Chittenden-14

Brian Cina, Chittenden-15

Troy Headrick, Chittenden-15

Jill Krowinski, Chittenden-16

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Chittenden-17

Carol Ode, Chittenden-18

Robert Hooper, Chittenden-18

Sarita Austin, Chittenden-19

Daisy Berbeco, Chittenden-21

Taylor Small, Chittenden-21

Karen Dolan, Chittenden-22

Lori Houghton, Chittenden-22

Rey Garofano, Chittenden-23

Leonora Dodge, Chittenden-23

Alyssa Black, Chittenden-24

Julia Andrews, Chittenden-25

Peggy Stevens, Essex-Orleans

Carolyn Branagan, Franklin-1

Devon Thomas, Franklin-1

Ashley Bartley, Franklin-1

Mike McCarthy, Franklin-3

Brenda Churchill, Franklin-6

Lauren Dees-Erickson, Franklin-8

Josie Leavitt, Grand Isle-Chittenden

Jed Lipsky, Lamoille-1

Scott Weathers, Lamoille-1

Kate Donnally, Lamoille-2

Daniel Noyes, Lamoille-2

Avram Patt, Lamoille-Washington

Saudia Lamont, Lamoille-Washington

Monique Priestley, Orange-2

Kelsey Root-Winchester, Orange-Caledonia

Jay Hooper, Orange-Washington-Addison

Aimee Alexander, Orleans-1

Katherine Sims, Orleans-4

Michael Marcotte, Orleans-Lamoille

Ken Fredette, Rutland-2

Dave Potter, Rutland-2

Mary Howard, Rutland-6

Stephanie Jerome, Rutland-9

Logan Nicoll, Rutland-Windsor

Dara Torre, Washington-2

Kari Dolan, Washington-2

Jonathan Williams, Washington-3

Peter Anthony, Washington-3

Kate McCann, Washington-4

Conor Casey, Washington-4

Ela Chapin, Washington-5

Theresa Wood, Washington-Chittenden

Tom Stevens, Washington-Chittenden

Topper McFaun, Washington-Orange

Melissa Battah, Washington-Orange

Sara Coffey, Windham-1

Leslie Goldman, Windham-3

Michelle Bos-Lun, Windham-3

Mike Mrowicki, Windham-4

Emily Long, Windham-5

Emilie Kornheiser, Windham-7

Mollie Burke, Windham-8

Tristan Toleno, Windham-9

Kelly Pajala, Windham-Windsor-Bennington

Elizabeth Burrows, Windsor-1

Alice Emmons, Windsor-3

Tesha Buss, Windsor-5

Coach Christie, Windsor-6

Kirk White, Windsor-Addison

Jim Masland, Windsor-Orange

Rebecca Holcombe, Windsor-Orange

Paid for by Let’s Grow Kids Action Network. PO Box 1234, Montpelier, VT 05601. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.


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